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Our aim: beauty, rarity, and uniqueness right from the farm

Alpaca Slow Fashion is located on a 22-hectare property in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, owned and maintained by Judy and Michael.

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Two suri alpacas, Biscuit and Rayna, with their cria, Bina and Rayne

The focus, for over 20 years, has been on using sustainable agricultural practices to breed healthy, top quality Suri alpacas with magnificent fibre.

Hard work and constant experimentation has helped develop skills in processing this fibre, by hand, into yarns.  This happens on the farm, in a sustainable way and without any harsh chemicals.  See the slow fashion section of the site for more detail.

Combing the fleece in preparation for spinning
Prepared, hand spun and hand knitted from our own suri alpacas

After years of practice in spinning fleece, designing unique garments, and then knitting them, Judy now produces magical, high-quality, hand-knitted garments from her hand-spun Suri alpaca fleece.

To refine and add variety to her garment designs, Judy has, at times, added other yarns to her alpaca fleece—yarns such as silk, kid-mohair and fine merino.

Garment made from Australian produced alpaca yarn

Over the years Judy has identified outlets who sell high quality commercially-produced alpaca yarn.  In a smaller percentage of garments Judy uses these commercial yarns to design and knit quality pieces.

Judy’s focus is on producing beautiful, rare and unique garments the slow fashion way.

Contact Judy with questions or for further information.

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