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Creating quality garments

A range of handmade alpaca garments is produced on the farm, the slow fashion way.  Judy’s extensive knowledge of stitch patterns and knitting techniques ensures each garment is designed to be a ‘one-off’.  For more information about the garment-making process click here.

Price Range: $200 to $400. 

Contact us for price, purchasing arrangements (PayPal or direct deposit) or more information about the garment.  Include the garment number code.

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Green ripples (2285)

A very fine fleece called for a fine yarn to be spun.  The natural fleece colour is contrasted with different shades of green also on the alpaca yarn.   There is plenty of interesting movement in this piece of work.


Suri in a spin (2294)

A lovely, lustrous, hand spun suri alpaca scarf.  It would also serve as a narrow stole around the shoulders.  The pattern is an Estonian ‘lace’ stitch pattern.  The yarn is the natural colour of the fleece.


Lustrous suri alpaca (2282)

Heavier yarns have their place too.  The hand spun suri alpaca yarn in this piece is left in its natural colour.  The natural lustre of suri alpaca is very obvious in the non-lacy panels of the work.


Suri alpaca five ways (2288)

This is a truly versatile garment!  The yarn is hand spun suri alpaca left as its natural colour.  Wear it as a vest, a scarf, even a bit of both if worn under a coat with the fronts tied as a scarf.


Poncho or scarf? (2273) Australians are indeed fortunate.  Thanks to a committed group of breeders there is a high-quality alpaca yarn made from Australian alpaca on the market.  I’ve used this yarn to create a versatile garment.  Wear it in two ways, as a poncho like top, or as a scarf.


A Natural Dyeing Success (2418)

This piece is a successful outcome in natural dyeing.  the yarns are a mix of 2 alpaca types - suri and hyacaya - along with some silk, cashmere and merino blended in. 

The rich colours are the result of using three-times the amount of dyestuff usually used.


Luscious! (2309)

This piece of work is a large square with a lace border added.  The small nupps (bumps) in the wrap are a feature seen in Estonian knitting.  The yarn is alpaca, cashmere and silk and this large piece can be a wrap or a scarf.  The whole work only weights 97 grams.


A touch of glitter (2277) All the yarns in this piece of work are quality commercial yarns.  The various yarns contain suri alpaca and merino or mohair and silk (with a touch of ‘glitter’ in one yarn).


Soft in colour and soft to touch (2270)

Take a beautiful alpaca, cashmere and silk yarn and dye it naturally and then knit it up in a lace stitch and you have a very sensuous scarf or wrap.


Waves of blue (2295)

This is a medium weight hand spun piece of work.  The pattern used references ocean waves – the blue yarn is a merino/alpaca/silk blend and the suri alpaca yarn suggests the pristine sand on a clear sunny day.


Light As Air (2356)

A light-as-air, one-ply alpaca and silk large wrap or scarf.  It weighs in under 40 grams, is almost 2 metres long, and is around 80 centimetres wide


Pink and pink (2304)

A simple scarf in warm antique pink with deeper pink “trim”.  The yarn is a super soft suri alpaca/fine merino mix.


Soft grey luxury (2301) Super soft, alpaca, cashmere and silk yarn is knitted up in a textured lace pattern.  Warm, soft and “squishy”. The piece can be worn as a scarf or a warp and is lightweight.


Parasols and nupps (2297)

Parasols and nupps make up the end panels of lace and another simple lace “ladder” features through the middle section of this generous wrap or luxurious scarf.  An alpaca, cashmere and silk yarn makes it something special.


Light as a Feather (2421)

A feather-light piece of work displaying one of the Madeira lace family.

Although open and airy, the piece is deceptively warm when worn as a scarf as well as being a great fashion statement when worn as a lightweight wrap. 

This piece looks blue but is actually a dark teal colour.


Study in cool grey (2315)

While this is basically a scarf, which is a study in cool greys, it could be worn as a stole or small wrap.  The yarn is a 95% hand spun suri alpaca.  The colours come from blending grey suri fleeces into the garment.


Blue lace wrap or scarf (2323)

This scarf or wrap is knitted from a hand dyed, alpaca, cashmere and silk yarn using a modified lace stitch.


Strips of Sea Silk in Shades of Gold (2408)

This is a fine hand spun yarn combining suri alpaca and silk.  A shawl or wrap also contains strips of sea silk featuring silver and a pinkish hue but the main feature of this yarn is its colour.  In creek in our valley a eucalypt grew during the drought.  It became inundated when it rained, and the leaves showed real promise of colour.  The yarn is dyed naturally using the leaves from that tree.  There are shades of gold and a tiny tinge of green.  It’s a most unusual colour.


A Domino Pattern (2431)

A large wrap or scarf made in a domino pattern with a totally luxurious mix of fine alpaca yarns


A heavier weight yarn (2413)

A fine fibre but spun to be a slightly heavier-weight yarn.  Knitted in a lace stitch to produce a versatile scarf or wrap.


Volume, Versatility and Warmth (2424)

A REALLY big piece of work.  All in hand dyed and spun suri aplaca yarns.

One for someone who loves volume, versatility, some weight, luxurious feel and warmth.


Silvers and Pinks (2427)

Several absolutely beautiful hand spun yarns are combined to produce an elegant, delicate looking wrap.  It's a study in silvers and pinks.


Simple suri (2307)

A very simple lace pattern but the highlight of this piece (generous scarf or simple wrap) is the fine, lustrous hand spun suri alpaca yarn.


A Deep Purple Mix (2430)

Over many years I've played around with multiple variations of this ESTONIAN pattern - not a true lace but great textual appeal.  Here is a luscious deep purple mix of suri alpaca and fine merino


An Old Italian Pattern (2376)

The lace in this piece of work is an old Italian pattern which appears to have originated in Milan.


Delicate Pinks (2426)

A delicate pair or pinks in super, super fine yarns.  A small asymmetrical wrap or more likely a light but warm scarf.


Silky Lustre (2443)

A deceptively simple piece with a simple mid section pattern to allow the more showy lace ends.  It's made to highlight the sliky lustre of handspun suri alpaca.


A Pretty Lace Pattern (2444)

This piece is generous in length and width.  Created with a yarn of alpaca, cashmere and silk, it is knitted in a pretty lace pattern.

Contact Judy with questions or for further information.

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