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Dyeing with Hindsight

With the advantage of hindsight I will take a different approach to dyeing now.

To illustrate: another windfall from an unknown eucalypt tree has yielded 100g of fairly dried leaves. Last evening I gently heated the leaves in a large stainless-steel pot to about 600 – 700 degrees Celsius and left it to cool overnight. This morning I’ve reheated it and will leave it to cool during the day. This evening I will strain out the leaves, and measure the amount of water so I know the ratio of dyestuff to yarn.

I will dye the correct ratio when I dye two small samples in a smaller pot, one to be removed this evening and other to be left overnight. I will be able to use modifiers on these samples if I think it worthwhile and then if I choose, I can dye the rest of the yarn with some confidence as to the outcome.

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