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Pomegranate Dyeing 1

On a recent trip to the Armidale area I spotted what I suspected was a pomegranate tree. There was fallen fruit beneath it which had split. I collected the fallen fruit, took it home, allowed it to dry, and then scraped out the seeds. I discarded these into the compost trench in a garden bed. If any germinate I'll plant them out.

Over 24 hours I gently heated the dry skins in water. If I heat gently to begin with for a first trial, I can always reheat to a higher temperature later for a second trial. The decanted liquid was an unpromising murky brown.

I placed a small skein of yarn in the brown liquid in the dye pot and gently heated it. I then allowed it to cool in the dye pot overnight. It gave me the sample shown.

As the majority of NSW has been in severe drought it’s possible I might never get that outcome again, but one can only dream!!

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