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Recent Workshop Activities 1

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Knitting and Spinning: I completed a large knitted scarf/wrap using yarn hand spun from a fine suri alpaca fleece. Today I will be blocking it. I like to wait for sunny weather as the lustre responds so well to sunlight.

Dyeing: Our large rosemary bush came to a sad end thanks to the efforts of local wildlife. Cutting it down was a necessity so I took advantage of the situation by stripping off 300g of leaves. 100g were put into an ammonia solution to extract some colour. Another 100g were simmered in a large pot filled with water. A mix of pre-mordanted alpaca, cashmere and silk were dyed in each solution resulting in lighter coloured and darker coloured yarns. Both yarns are shades of chartreuse which will have potential for designing. I froze 100g for later use.

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